Total personal vehicle sales are up by 8.63 percent.

A host of new models and evolving customer sentiment has led to a rise in demand for SUVs. Consumer demand for new passenger cars as well as utility vehicles has aided this rise.

SUVs, which customers have started to prefer, account for a fourth of all passenger vehicle sales in India. In May 2017, UVs accounted for 27.75 percent of total passenger vehicles sold. Passenger vehicle sales rose to 2,51,642 units in May compared to 2,31,640 units sold same month last year.

Of all the vehicles sold, UVs comprised 69,845 units, along with 1,66,630 passenger cars (66.21 percent) and 15,167 vans (6 percent). While May 2017 volumes were up 8.63 percent year-on-year, April 2017's 2,77,602 units was higher (up 14.68 percent). Consumers delaying purchases, particularly of SUVs, in lieu of GST kicking in from July 1 is partly the reason why.

Maruti Suzuki India, sold a total of 1,30,248 (up 15.10 percent) units. Hyundai Motor India sold 42,007 units (up 1.59 percent), Mahindra & Mahindra managed 20,270 units (up 3.23 percent), Tata Motors sold 12,499 units (up 32.18 percent), Honda Cars India dispatched 11,278 units (up 13.30 percent), Renault India sold 8,639 units (up 3.55 percent) and Ford India 6,742 units (up 16.64 percent).

Cumulative sales for the April-May 2017 state that passenger vehicle sales grew by 11.73 percent year-on-year. Within PVs, sales of cars, utility vehicles and vans grew by 11.15 percent, 16.19 percent and 0.37 percent, respectively.


Passenger Vehicle sales for May 2017


May 2017

May 2016

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Utility vehicles








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Total personal vehicle sales are up by 8.63 percent.

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