Sunny Leone has a limited edition Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo but loves a simple Ambassador .

If you ask anyone their dream car, he/she would opt for the dizzying speed of Bugatti or the luxury of Lamborghini or the ultra-sleek design of Ferrari. It would be surprising to hear someone opt for a normal car like Ambassador but we have a famous celebrity who dreams of the iconic car. Sunny Leone’s dream car is an Ambassador albeit not in the signature white paint scheme. The Bollywood bombshell wishes to add a pink coloured Ambassador with an automatic gearbox to her collection. 


People will remember the iconic car with the children running after it as it blazed through the dusty roads. The Ambassador was a hatchback manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India. It was in production from 1958 to 2014 with some improvements and changes over its production lifetime. The Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford series III model, first made by Morris Motors Limited at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom from 1956 to 1959. 

Sunny's love for the Ambassador came to light when she talked about her dream car during her appearance on the show named ‘The Bombay Journey’ for Mashable India. She isn’t a big fan of driving but she wanted her husband Daniel Weber to gift her a customized ambassador. 

She also has a famous limited-edition Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo which is in the USA right now. Being a limited edition model, only 450 units were sold in the US and Canada. It comes equipped with a sport steering wheel, 20-inch wheels and 12-way power front seats. The Pitch black Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo would look out of place with the simple Ambassador but a customized Ambassador would make it more complex than the Maserati. 

Sunny Leone wanted the car interiors to be in pink and white but no presence of leather as she is totally against it. Hindustan Motors Ambassador was discontinued way back in 2014 after 50 years of production, making the work of Daniel harder. 

Image Source - Mashable India

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