Director Saumitra Singh is all set to make his feature debut; the film is inspired by the life of Anam Hashim.

Director Saumitra Singh is gearing up for his grand feature debut titled “Anam”. He had earlier helmed two-award winning short films namely “The Wallet” and “Painful Pride”. His new debut feature “Anam” is based on a 21-year old girl who does stunts as a sport. However, the cast has not been finalized yet. But it is expected that an A-list actress will be a part of it. The tagline of the film says,”a bike doesn’t know your gender“.  The story has been ideated by Anam Hashim. It has been penned by Namneesh Sharma. 

Anam Hashim is an Indian female professional bike stunt performer and rider. She became the youngest woman to ride to Khardung La mountain pass on a TVS scooty for the Himalayan Highs initiative in 2015. Her achievement has been mentioned in the India Book of Records. Apart from this, she is the only Indian stunt athlete to win an international stunt competition in 2017. 

“While growing up as a kid, I always was someone who was inclined towards cycles, bikes, and cars. Eventually, I discovered my love for bikes and stunts through the internet. My journey began by trying to learn how to do wheelies on others bikes and it gave me enough confidence to even get my own bike. While I was finishing my 12th, I was very sure of what I wanted to do in life, stunt riding/street bike freestyle,” shared Anam. 

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Source- The New Indian Express

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