Bajaj Chetak is a part of Sonu Sood's Collection which consists of Audi Q7, Porsche Panamera

India is going through one of the worst crisis since we got our independence. Coronavirus Pandemic has affected India with over 1.82 Lakh citizens infected and a death toll reaching 5,000. With the prevailing conditions, India is witnessing the reverse migration of the cities from urban places to their hometown. The government started Shramik Express to enable the migrants to move back to their hometown. Individual citizens are also pitching in their best efforts with Bollywood Star Sonu Sood being the focus of attention. The actor started bus services for the migrants stranded in Maharashtra. As a result, he has emerged as a father figure for the migrants and the Governor of Maharashtra recognized his efforts. 


Sonu Sood is at the forefront of attention in the Indian media. He might have played the villain in movies but he is the real-life hero for us Indians. He also airlifted 188 girls from Kochi in Kerala to Bhubaneswar in Odisha. The man has emerged from the shadows to one of the stars in the Indian cinematic industry. Apart from his diverse cinematic roles, he also has a diverse collection of cars.


Let’s take a look at Sonu Sood's Exotic Car Collection.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is one of the most popular Audi SUV's to arrive in the Indian market and Sonu Sood is no stranger to its charm. His Audi Q7 is powered by a BS4 2967cc, 6 Cylinders 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC diesel engine. The SUV churns out 245 bhp of maximum power and 600 Nm of peak torque with transmission duties being handled by an 8-speed automatic gearbox.  


Porsche Panamera

Porsche is a famous car brand among celebrities with Virat Kohli’s brother taking delivery of a new Porsche Panamera recently.  The 4-door sporty saloon is known for its craftsmanship and engineering excellence. It's introductory price starts from Rs 1.49 Crore to Rs 2.57 Crore. It is powered by a 3996cc engine that delivers a  541 bhp of maximum power and 770nm of peak turbo.  It can clock a top speed of 306 kmph. 



Mercedes Benz M-Class

Mercedes-Benz M-Class was a mid-size luxury SUV manufactured by Mercedes-Benz since 1997. It has been one of the popular models in India earning a cult following. Sonu is a fan of the German Automaker considering he owns a Mercedes Benz ML SUV. The price for the base model used to cost around Rs 52.19 lakhs and the top-end variant would end up making an Indian customer wallet lighter by around Rs 1.54 Crore. Currently discontinued in India, the ML churns out 549 bhp of maximum power with 760 Nm of peak torque.  It came equipped with an all-drive wheel system transmitting power to all the four wheels.  



Maruti Suzuki Zen

Maruti Suzuki Zen is an iconic model in India with over 8.8 lakh units sold since its launch back in 1993. No more on sale in India, the Zen was priced at Rs 3.0 lakhs and during its time was big hit among the Indian consumers. The Maruti Suzuki Zen generated 59 bhp of maximum power and 78 Nm of peak torque. The hatchback is currently not in Mumbai but back in his home town. 

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Apart from his car collection, he also has a Bajaj Chetak Scooter. This just goes to show that the nostalgia was owning a classic two-wheeler bit him as well. Originally based on Italian Vespa Sprint, Chetak became an affordable means of commutation back in the day for the Indian consumer.  

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