Only 250 units of the limited-edition will be sold online from July 10 at 2pm.

The new Classic 500 Pegasus is now on sale Rs 2.40 lakh (on-road, Delhi). For India, there are only 250 units available of the 1,000 units that will be produced by Royal Enfield. The bike is only available for sale online from July 10 at 2 PM.

The bike is inspired by the WD/RE 125 (Flying Flea), used by British paratroopers in World War II. It’s light 59kg weight allowed it to be lifted over trenches and fences. There was a stage when it was even air-dropped into war zones in steel cages. The Pegasus, however, isn’t as light, it weighs 194kg.

The first 250 bikes manufactured will be sold in India and will be numbered from 50001 to 50250 on the fuel tank. There will be a ‘C’ (i.e. C50099) prefix, which is an abbreviation used by the British Army, and since the number ‘5’ stands for motorcycle, ‘C5’ states that this is an army motorcycle; the remaining four digits denote the serial number of the bike. Internationally, there are two colours on offer – Olive Drab Green and Service Brown. In India, only the Service Brown colour is available.

The Pegasus is powered by the same 499cc, single-cylinder motor as the regular Classic 500.

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