Royal Enfield Classic range gets official accessories from brand.

Royal Enfield’s Classic series of bikes has always been a best seller in for the brand and now the company has gone a step ahead and released a range of accessories for the bikes. The prices for these fitments starts from Rs. 600 and goes all the way up to Rs. 10,000. The most expensive item on the list are the alloy wheels while the most affordable item is the handlebar for the bike. All the customers of the retro bike makers can easily get the accessories installed from their nearest dealership and the new customers can opt for the kit to be installed at the time they purchase the bike.

So far, the retro bike maker only offered its Thunderbird 350X and 500X models with alloy wheels. However, now Royal Enfield has brought the option of alloys for its Classic rang of bikes. The prices for the alloy wheels are Rs. 10,000. The company’s website states that the 9-spoke machined alloy wheels for Classic series of bikes only take 105 minutes to be fitted. . The customers need not worry about any other expenses as the new alloy wheels have been designed in such a manner that the other parts of the wheel fit in directly without any fuss.

As far as the durability of the wheels is concerned, the brand is providing the customers with a 2 year warranty for any kind of damage against the wheels. As of now, a lot of customers choose the aftermarket path when it comes to installing alloy wheels on their RE bikes in India. The reason why aftermarket alloys are so popular is that they offer the convenience of installing tubeless tyres in them. . However, now that the brands have introduced their own line of wheels, they will be a safer option for RE bikers as the quality of aftermarket alloy wheels remained shoddy.

The other accessories being offered by the retro bike maker includes protection, controls, bodywork, luggage and engine among others. The company has recently been focusing on the bringing out more and more accessories for their model line-up as the modification rules in the country get stricter by the day. Since the accessories brought out by the company are RTO approved the users can easily go ahead and use them without any concern about being on the wrong side of the law. Not to mention that the accessories also bring in huge profits for the company as they are on the higher side of the price spectrum as compared to the aftermarket accessories.   

A detailed list of the accessories along with their photos can be viewed at the official Royal Enfield store here.

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