Ride Vision shows camera-based collision warning system

  • Published By: Droom
  • 21 June 2018

The system uses wide-angle cameras to read surroundings rather than radar/lidar.

Collision avoidance systems are becoming commonplace in four-wheelers, but the tech hasn’t made a big impact on the world of motorcycling.

An Israeli startup called Ride Vision showed their proposed system – called ‘Collision Aversion Technology’ – recently, and it uses two wide-angle cameras for 360-degree vision. The system warns riders about an impending collision using warning lights that are in the rear-view mirrors.

The company added that the use of cameras instead of radar has helped them save a lot on costs. Ride Vision does not appear to have a functioning prototype of their system yet, they are currently speaking to suppliers and motorcycle manufacturers with regards to a collaboration. It just got $2.5 million as seed funding for its tech, with the principal investor being Israel-based firm YL Ventures.

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