The Department of Posts, Government of India has released a new collection of stamps commemorating the history of transportation in India.

The stamps were presented at the Heritage Transport Museum on March 25, 2017. These stamps depict the evolution and progress of transport in India over the ages in a beautifully illustrated manner.

About 20 of these stamps were released at the event. Sets of four stamps detail various modes, each of palanquins, animal driven carriages and carts, rickshaws and vintage cars. According to the press release, the inspiration for the stamps came directly from the artwork and artefacts displayed at the Heritage Transport Museum - over 15 stamps are directly adapted from the museum's collection. The management behind the showcase believes that the stamps will work to pique interest about the country's diverse history and art in the general public. Each stamp is priced between ₹5 and ₹25 and they are all available at any of the 81 philatelic bureaus across the country.

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