Now rent a Limousine in India for Rs 70,000 per day.

India never warmed up toward the idea of limousines, SUVs sure, but limos have never been the Indian idea of luxury. The reason behind this could be the narrow roads of India, and as to why even the modders never warmed to the idea of limos could be the strict modification laws of India which includes the recent clampdown on any kind of modification on cars in India. This absence of a trend does not stops other people from showering themselves in luxury, and we can spot a few private import limos on the streets of India. Often these expensive cars are imported from a commercial point of view and are rented out to people at high prices. Presenting yet another example of a Cadillac Escalade limo that anyone can rent. Just to let you know that Cadillac is considered one of the most stylish and luxurious carmakers of the world and has quite a rich heritage when it comes to US car history.

One can rent the limo at a rate of Rs. 70,000 daily, while the price may seem a bit steep, but once you factor in the kind of rare service the limo provides, this seems more than deserving. Not just the daily rate, but the cost of the vehicle too will leave you gaping. The limo is priced at Rs. 96 lakh in the United States, import the same vehicle to India and after you have factored in the higher than 110% tax on the imported luxury limo, one will find that the final price of the car for the end user is pushed to upwards of Rs. 2 crores.

The right-hand drive layout of the imported Cadillac Escalade stretch limo means that the car has been properly homologated for India and has gone through changes that make it easier to drive on the Indian roads. One thing to be noted here is that the US carmaker officially does not makes the stretched-out version of Escalade in the market. However, one cannot curb the passion of enthusiasts and there are some modification lovers who work their magic on such cars and convert them into limos making them unique pieces of motor work in the process.

As far as the exteriors of the limo are concerned, there are still 4 doors present, but the windows have been tinted. As is the case with such cars, the cabin of the driver here is separated from the passenger area at the back. Coming to the interiors, the limo is stuffed with luxury features here, inside there are leather seats styled as comfy sofas. Apart from the seats, there is a bar equipped with a small fridge. The In-Car-Entertainment system is also pretty well equipped with an LCD TV screen fitted toward the front of the limo, also there is a speaker system inside the limo.

This is surely a unique imported car but this does not mean the Indian mod community is lagging as far as stretch modifications are concerned. We have seen various limo modifications in India as well, modifications that have been inspired by SUVs on sale in India. Although the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has outlawed modifications in cars in India, it remains to be seen how this rule pans out in the future. Meanwhile, one sure can enjoy the ride on this luxury limo at the fraction of original sticker price.

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