Influential automotive engineer Rajshekar Das rendering of Maruti 800 into an EV looks stunning.

Maruti 800 remains to be one of the best cars in India while also widely regarded as one of the most influential cars to ever emerge in the country. With over 2.66 million units sold in India, it is one of the second-longest production cars in the Indian market. So, whenever there is any news about the Maruti 800, excitement is natural considering the fact that the Maruti 800 was the first populist car. An automotive engineer and award-winning mobility designer Rajshekhar Das is a name to reckon with considering he had a substantial role to play in the development of the fastest train in China. 


Rajshekhar Das believes he has a solution for the Indian automobile enthusiast who is in pursuit of electric cars. Working with Shanghai Jomec Automotive in China, Rajshekhar has done a digital rendering of Maruti 800 as an electric car.  The Suzuki 800 electric version looks to be futuristic in concept and design. Das has imagined the EV Maruti 800 going 130 kms on a single charge. In an interview with Electrical Vehicle Web, Das wants to see Maruti bring back the iconic car in an electric avatar. He envisions the small electric hatch to come with tech features like fingerprint sensor, facial recognition scanner with the smartphone as the interface. 

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While talking more about the interior, he wants it to be simple but surrounded by technology. The whole focus will be on technology with haptic responses on the screen will be the driving point instead of physical buttons. The interior looks lighter and simplified with a compact dashboard for more space. Interior in the conceptualized EV Maruti 800 would be more user experience-driven to appeal to the new smartphone loving generation.

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The idea of an EV Maruti 800 sounds great on the paper considering Maruti 800 was a roaring success in the Indian market. Maruti Suzuki's path to becoming India’s largest automobile company was built on the 800 and an EV 800 could pave the way for electric vehicle success also. As of now, Maruti Suzuki has shelved its electrical vehicle plans for 2020 due to the lack of charging infrastructure as well as the high cost of batteries. 2021 sounds a realistic bet for an EV launch from the Maruti Suzuki. The Indian automaker's focus is on developing CNG, mild and strong hybrid cars for the Indian market. Maruti Suzuki aims to put a million ‘Green’ cars on the Indian roads in the next couple of years. We can hope for an affordable EV car like EV Maruti 800 to alter the Indian automobile landscape forever. 

Story Source: ElectricVehicleWeb

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