Mirado a muscle car with a top speed of 152 Kmph makes an appearance in the Mad Miramar event of the new PUBG update.

Online gaming has been a big part of digital consumption for the last decade or so. Restricted to gaming consoles, handheld gaming devices or desktops, it is now becoming a big part of Smartphone also. PUBG became a raring success worldwide with over whopping 600 million downloads so far. PUBG is a major online game in Asia especially China and India. India and China have the largest number of smartphone users with internet connectivity making it the hottest market for online gaming. PUBG is rolling out a new version named PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 on 7th May 2020. The latest version of PUBG will be immediately available on both iOS and Android, so get ready to download and start playing with your friends and strangers alike!


A host of new changes are expected in this online multiplayer shooting game like new weapons, maps and vehicles. The major talking point is the addition of a race track in the updated PUBG game. Time to take out a vehicle and go for a spin after shooting your enemies. The theme is a replica of the Mad Max Series movie and it will make it more interesting for the gamers.


There were a series of vehicles to drive in the earlier iterations of PUBG like a buggy, UAZ (Open Top), Sidecar Motorcycle, Dacia 1300, PG-117. Dacia 1300, for example, is based on a medium-sized family car that was built during the Cold War by the Romanian automaker Dacia. There is a lot of similarity between the virtual world of PUBG and the real world in terms of terrains and vehicles used. Buggy is commonly seen in the sand dunes used by tourists for sand surfing. 

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New vehicle addition is the swanky Mirado coming in a flashy golden avatar. The Golden Mirado will be a find for any gamer in the Mad Miramar event of PUBG Mobile. The event takes place on Miramar, where the racetrack is also present. The Mirado is a classic muscle car, imagine a Ford Mustang in real life. Mirado is a fast, four-seat coupe/sedan that’s only found in Miramar. Gamers can search for it around downtown areas and main city streets. The Mirado is the fastest way to travel on a highway and can clock a top speed of 152 Kmph. 

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