It is learned that FADA members will also stop placing orders for, or accepting, non-BS IV vehicles from manufacturers.

FADA, (the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association) has sought the help of the Supreme Court to resolve the matter of the new BS-IV compliance guidelines. They are petitioning to allow BS-III vehicles to be sold even after the March 31st deadline.

The new guidelines dictate that all automakers should make sure their vehicles are BS-IV compliant before April 1, 2017. However, there's an ongoing case in the apex court over whether the new rule should be applicable for registration and sale of vehicles also. It seems that dealerships will be affected the most if sales were stopped too and would suffer major losses. “Dealers are unintended victims of the legal battle, but definitely the worst affected," says Nikunj Sanghi, director – International Affairs & Global Relations, FADA. 

FADA strongly supports measures for a cleaner air but points out that a judgement in favour of stopping sales as well will not only lead to massive losses, but also to a great deal of unemployment. The automotive retail and service industry employs more than twice the number of people employed by automobile manufacturers.

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