List of reasons to go for petrol cars instead of diesel cars.

This is a major confusion among customers when buying a car in the market. Every company today offers the option of a petrol or a diesel engine on almost all of their models. This creates confusion in the customer once they finalize their car. Therefore, we bring to you a list of  customers who should go for a petrol model instead of the diesel.

Usage and Budget

If your car usage is going to be around three to four thousand kilometers a month, a petrol car will be good for you. This kind of usage scenario includes commuting inside the city and an occasional highway tour. The reason behind this is that the diesel variants of cars are generally around a lakh or pricier than the petrol variant, this high price can only be justified if you run the car for longer distances during shorter periods. This is why taxi owners always go for diesels over petrols. Not to mention that when you choose petrol you get the same car for a lot cheaper price and since you will only use it in a limited manner, it is a win-win situation for you.   


As already mentioned the diesel cars are expensive initially at the time of purchase. The extra expense does not stop here as maintaining a diesel car is a lot pricier than maintaining a petrol car. The usage factor comes to play here once again as the higher maintenance is justified only in the scenario when the car is travelling for longer distances. Therefore if paying a higher maintenance for your car is not what you have in mind stick to petrol.  

You Do Not Like Bans

Higher emissions mean that diesel are at the target of regulatory bodies. While a diesel car older than 10 years cannot even enter Delhi-NCR, let alone operate in the area, some cities in the west are already mulling a full ban on diesel cars. With the pollution levels rising alarmingly fast, do not be shocked if the same rule finds its way to India. Delhi also briefly banned the sale of diesel cars with engines larger than 2000cc for a short while. Therefore, if you plan on keeping your car with you for longer time and do not wish to be affected by bans and want a future proof car, go for petrol models, or even hybrid ones, if they are available.

Fuel Change and Price

Yes, even diesel cars give you the option of adding a CNG or LPG kit, however with petrol cars the process is very easy and cheap. This makes the choice very easy and hence petrol car owners can easily go for it. Not to mention that the practice of adding an alternate fuel kit is slowly stabilizing as the diesel prices are getting higher. The deregulation of diesel prices in India means that over a period of few years, the price gap between petrol and diesel has closed considerably. With this in mind, choosing a petrol should be even easier.


Diesel cars improving by the day as far as refinement is concerned, we agree. However, the sheer refinement and smooth function of petrol cars can never be matched by diesel cars. Therefore, is lower NVH levels and refinement is what you have in mind, it makes more sense to choose a petrol over a diesel car.


Diesels have massive torque and petrol car can never match that, however the turbo-petrol can sure come close, only if one can compromise on the mileage a bit. However loss on torque is more than made up on the power front as petrol cars have more power to offer and have energetic high-rev engines. Not to mention that if you want a distinct exhaust sound from your car with the help of a few mods, petrol car is the only way to go as options for modifying diesel are severely limited.

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