Only 500 Units of Polestar 1 to be Made Each Year

  • Published By: Droom
  • 18 December 2017

You can buy the 600hp hybrid Polestar 1 online via subscription only.

The company will only produce 500 units per year when the car hits production in mid-2019. The complex construction process required to create its carbon-fibre bodywork is the reason behind the limited production run each year.

The cars can be bought in US, Chinese, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch markets, which have all seen the most demand so far. The 600hp, four-seat GT coupe will be on sale online through subscription.

The company will make its left-hand-drive models at a bespoke Polestar production facility currently being built in Chengdu, China. Instead of having a traditional dealer network, the company has chosen the online route and it has stated that Polestar will only retail its models online. You can get yourself a car on an all-inclusive subscription basis, with a two or three-year fixed term, set monthly payments and no deposit. Pick-up, delivery and servicing will be handled at a select range of Volvo Workshops.

The company doesn’t plan to move entirely away from traditional showrooms and will open a small number of Polestar Spaces in various locations, with the first one set to open in 2019.

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