Old Timey Bikes That Cost a Fortune in Used Market

It has been an age old saying that cars and bikes are not a good investment area as they tend to lose a lot of their value even as a new model walks off the showroom floor. Leave alone the expenses involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the cars and bikes, the normal ageing of the models alone takes away a significant part of their value and the former just adds on to the cost of ownership. However, there are some models in the Indian market that have proven to be the dark horses of the bike industry and their value just keeps on going up over the time. Today we take look at such bikes in the Indian market that have defied all odds and continue to command a good value in the used market of the country.

Royal Enfield Cast Iron 350/500

Forget the recent uptick in the fortunes of the Royal Enfield brand in the Indian market.  The company has held a cult status in the country since the time it has been selling bikes here. While the newer models from the company are more refined than ever before and come with a lot of new technology incorporated in them, the charm of the old school RE bike refuses to die. Many people still remember the Bullet 350/500 Cast Iron (CI) as one of those bikes that had a character of their own. The old cast-iron block engines had a rather distinct thump and buying one now would cost you over around Rs. 90,000-1 lakh. Well-maintained examples are priced even higher and difficult to find.

Yamaha RD350

If the old cast-iron models of Royal Enfield go for huge bucks in the used market, the old time Japanese rival of the company’s bikes, Yamaha RD350 is also a gem of the used bike market. The fact that a lot of celebrities have been snapped while riding the bike has only added to its charm. The Japanese pocket rocket came with a two-stroke engine rated to deliver 31 Bhp. The prices for the used models in the market are Rs. 1.50 Lakhs for a bike in a moderate condition. If the bike is in a very good condition, the price can climb even higher.


While the Jawa brand has made a comeback in the Indian market, and there are reports that the Yezdi brand is also staging a comeback, the older models of the Yezdi bikes can still fetch you a huge sum of money in the used market. As of now a model of the Yezdi bike in an average condition can go for as high as Rs. 50,000. The price also depends on the rarity of the bike model and if the condition of the bike is better, be ready to shell out an even higher amount.

Lambretta & Vijay Super

Scooter’s India Limited (SIL) was a government of India venture that was responsible for the manufacture of Lambretta and Vijay branded scooters. The Lucknow factory was responsible for making the scooters of the Innocenti group. The unique Italian design of the scooters has remained etched in the memory of Indian public and the nostalgia factor has pushed the prices of restored models going up to as high as Rs. 80,000 in the market. Unrestored models can be bought for a lot less at around Rs. 10,000 but a lot of time and money would be needed to restore them properly.

Yamaha RX-Z/ Suzuki Shogun

The two Japanese giants saw a fierce battle in the Indian market, back when the two strokes still populated the streets of the country. The RS100 had already established its mark in the market and the updated 5-speed model of the bike by the name of the RX-Z only added to its legacy. Meanwhile, the Shogun was not as powerful as the Yamaha bikes, but it also saw its fair share of popularity in the market and today either of these bikes in a good condition will easily cost you around Rs. 50,000 in the used market.

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