Drivers may lose their driving license if they are not following recent rules of Supreme Court.

The recent order by Supreme Court of India makes modifications of any kind on the vehicle illegal. However, apart from the recent developments, there are several other laws that one needs to keep in mind when heading out on the roads with their vehicles. This constant updating of the rules often leaves one confused at best and unaware at worst. Therefore in order to keep you updated with the latest rules of traffic in India we have complied a list of acts that may even lead to one losing their driving license. So the next time you head out on the roads, be sure to keep these rules in mind so as to avoid any unwanted interactions with the punitive side of law on the roads.


Listening to music while driving is one of the best experiences one can have on the road. However, as is true with everything else, excess is always bad. Play the music too loud, and one can face a fine of up to Rs. 100 or can even find themselves being relieved of their driving license. Although there is no proper guideline on what volume levels are to be considered illegal, the law relies on the judgement of the on-duty police officer for the same. Therefore, it is always safe to keep the music volumes at saner levels because this will not only keep you on the good side of law, it will also keep you aware of the surroundings while driving.

School Area Speed Limit

School or areas with educational institutions often are crowded places with heavy foot traffic. Therefore, one can always find a speed limit sign near these institutions, and be sure to stick to the speed limit even when there are no signs present as the violation of speed limit may lead to one’s driving license being seized.

Using Phone

Yes, this is one of the most common traffic safety law advisory issued by the authorities. However, the   law states that one is allowed to use the phone for navigational purposes only. Therefore, the next time a notification pops-up while you are navigating with the help of your phone, think twice before clicking on it as not only will you license be seized upon violation, you will also endanger your life and the lives of those around you. The phone usage rule also applies to calls via Bluetooth as the new law states one cannot use Bluetooth for attending calls while driving even though the car offers it as a function.  

Zebra Crossing and Footpaths

How many times have you stopped at a zebra crossing on the road when the traffic light goes red? If the answer is anything other than zero, you have risked your license suspension more than zero times. The law states that the vehicles at a traffic light must always stop before the zebra crossing so as to facilitate the movement of pedestrians on the road. Multiple violations of the law can lead to suspension of driver’s license. Another overlooked rule by two-wheelers is driving on footpaths in order to avoid traffic. Footpaths are meant for pedestrian use only and riding or driving on the same can lead to loss of one’s driver’s license.  


Apart form honking being banned in several parts of the city, the use of pressure horns by any vehicle will lead to suspension of the license of the driver. It is not just pressure horns, but multi-tune horns also that are illegal. The noise limit must never be breached by a vehicle, whether it is engine noise or horn sounds.

Cutting Lanes

This particular trait is the most notorious among Indian drivers. Cutting lanes in a high-speed zone of the road or even at normal speeds can lead to fines and even license being seized. Lane cutting is only allowed in low speed zones and roads marked with broken white lines in the middle.

Blocking Emergency Services

Blocking the path of emergency services such as police vans, firetrucks, or even ambulances can lead to the suspension of one’s driving license. Emergency services have always the first right of passage in any situation and blocking the path of any such service can lead to massive losses to other people, which also makes this violation wrong on moral grounds.


Perhaps the first lesson that every rider/driver must be taught is that racing on the road is wrong. Racing not only puts the lives of other people on the road at risk, it also endangers your own life. If authorities find you racing on roads, your license can easily be revoked by them. Therefore, if you want to max out the capabilities of your vehicle, head over to the nearest track in your town.

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