The traffic police departments from various states have now started working on reward schemes for commuters who follow the rules.

There are several kinds of fines and penalties for those breaking traffic laws on public roads in India. However, the ones who do follow rules do not get any kind of recognition. To correct this anomaly, the traffic police departments from various states have now started working on reward schemes for commuters who follow the rules. Recently, Pune traffic police started handing out discount coupons for online food delivery platforms. Now, the Hyderabad Police have come up with a similar reward program.

Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar came out on public roads to aware the motorists about the use of helmets and seatbelts. He later facilitated a number of motorists on the roads that have been selected by the traffic police department. The Hyderabad Traffic Police selected around 45 motorists who have been driving without any violations. Anjani Kumar facilitated them with free movie tickets as a reward of following the traffic rules. The tickets were sponsored by PVR Cinemas.

Hyderabad Traffic Police is currently using some advanced technology to nab the lawbreakers on the public roads. The traffic police department uses multiple CCTV cameras, radar systems and other methods to check the violations and strictly impose the fines. There have been many cases in the past where the car owners amassed more than Rs 50,000 in fines due to the repeated offences that have been caught by the traffic police department. Now, the rewards to the people who are following the traffic rules religiously will ensure that motorists get some recognition for the good work they have been doing on the roads.

Earlier this month, Pune Traffic Police started a drive to reward the traffic rule followers. The police identified the motorists who are following the rules and then reward them with a 50% discount coupon from online platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. This drive caused the motorists to show a lot of enthusiasm on the roads. It does feel good to get rewarded for doing the right thing but it should be noted that there are no rules in the law book that mandates such rewards. The police departments are doing these acts on their own in a bid to encourage people to follow the traffic rules.

India sees one of the largest numbers of road accidents every year and most of them turn out to be fatal. While thousands of vehicles are added to the public roads every day, most of the motorists do not follow the traffic rules, which causes massive chaos. The government is working on the new MV Act, which will increase the fines and penalties in the future. This is expected to bring down the number of lawbreakers on the public roads. However, the rule will take some time before it comes into effect as it has to go through the upper house of the parliament too.

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