The recently developed Intelligent Valve Actuation system claims to make petrol engines as efficient and driveable as diesel engines.

Technology firm Camcon Automotive revealed a new digital valve-train drive system called IVA (Intelligent Valve Actuation) recently. The system is claimed to give petrol engines the driveability and economy of diesels coupled with much more manageable emissions.

The system has undergone six years of intensive training and is now being offered to major manufacturers and component suppliers for development. The inventors of this tech stated that this is a step-change in engine design that removes the last remaining analogue system, saying it is “probably even more important than the switch from points ignition to engine management, or carburettors to fuel injection”.

With completely flexible valve actuation, this tech allows for an engine to be configured entirely according to a driver’s needs – it’s extremely flexible at low speeds, low-load situations, and can be called upon to deliver higher power whenever needed.

IVA is also adaptable to sophisticated cylinder deactivation. “IVA allows incredible control,” says Stone. “We can achieve full lift by rotating the camshaft through 360deg, or achieve any intermediate lift we like by rotating it part of the way and rotating it back again. It’s designed to fit pretty much any engine.”

Camcon is working on a programmed for both test rig and road trials to test IVA’s durability and record real-world results. If adopted, IVA would take two to three years to reach production.

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