There are several decent used bikes available at a price that is comparatively lower than the new ones available in the market

India is one of the fastest-growing two-wheeler markets in the world. In 2019, two-wheelers make up for the majority of the vehicles in production in the country followed by cars and SUVs. It can be stated that the Indian consumers have a penchant for mobile and inexpensive motorcycles. With so many new entrants into the crowded two-wheeler market, one is literally spoilt for choice. From KTM to Benelli to Hero MotoCorp to Ather, almost every two-wheeler manufacturer is present in the Indian market. Apart from buying a new motorcycle from dealerships, one can also take advantage of the huge used bike market. There are several decent used bikes available at a price that is comparatively lower than the new ones. With so many options available, the buyers would be confused whether to buy a new one or search for a used bike? We answer the question for our readers. 

Bike Price

One of the first questions a buyer would ask is the vehicle’s price. Buyers need to first identify the budget and go through

the different options available either online at our website or make a visit to the dealerships. The used bike will be cheaper in comparison to the new bike considering someone had already rode it for a fair amount of distance and time. There might be hidden costs and unexpected repairs costs which could come into play post-purchase. A new bike would be expensive due to the addition of technologies, features and an updated engine. In most cases, last year’s bikes value depreciates at a quicker rate meaning older bikes are always cheaper. If the bike is brand new, it will become older in terms of technologies with value depreciating in a short span of time. 

Bike Condition

Buying a new bike means one gets access to the latest and best technology available in the market. Plus, there would be no damage, scuffs or even teething problems at the time of purchase. No need to be surprised at your first ride on a fresh set of wheels. Also, the new bikes would come with higher insurance premiums in comparison to the used vehicles. 

In the event of making a used vehicle purchase, one can expect little wear and tear. Plus, one would have to apply for a new paint job on the used bike. There would be minor issues along the way so it’s important to get a mechanic to inspect the used bike before buying it. 

Riding Experience 

This is an important factor that people often tend to overlook at the time of purchase. If you are new to riding, it is safer to purchase a new bike that will offer a smoother and safer riding experience. For example, from April 1, 2019, all four- and two-wheelers manufactured in India need to come equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System). This is quite safer for the riders in comparison to the older bikes which had this crucial feature missing. 

Buying a used bike is a good way to check one’s interest in riding. In case, one doesn’t find the idea of bike riding comfortable, he or she can choose to sell the older vehicle without suffering any significant loss. 


How far the bike goes on a full tank is an indication of the bike’s fuel efficiency. The newer bike guarantees better mileage in comparison to the used vehicle. A used bike however would have already clocked some miles which means the buyers need to take it out for regular maintenance. In some cases, the owners tamper with the bike’s odometer which would read out wrong information to the buyer. New bikes come with ARAI certification which tells the buyers about the fuel mileage one can expect. On the other hand, used bikes have no information about fuel efficiency. 

Technology and Safety

There is absolutely no doubt that the new bike is more safer and technologically advanced than the used bike. Every year, manufacturers try to incorporate new technology and safety features in the bikes. If one is looking for dual-channel ABS, different riding modes and traction control, newer bikes would certainly have that in comparison to the older models. You will get access to the best technology as per your specifications with no need to compromise. On the other hand, a used bike would definitely appear outdated in this aspect at least! 

If you are a new rider, it’s important to check out the bike’s safety features. One needs to be assured of the suspension and braking capabilities which is far from certain in used vehicles.


Buying a vehicle is a difficult decision considering so many factors are at play. Purchasing a new bike is easier as one just needs to enter an authorized dealership and select the model. Plus, buyers can get pre-approved loans on the new bikes with attractive financing options. The used vehicle segment is becoming an option for Indian consumers with plenty of high-end bikes available at an affordable price.

One just needs to be through with the bike’s history and check for any accident history. Nowadays, there are good financing options available on the used bikes too. So, just do thorough research and understand your needs, requirements and budgets before selecting the bike. Important to check out the used bike’s value using the Droom OBV website and do a careful analysis before purchasing either a new or a used bike.

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