We answer all the questions about the new Z900.

Firstly, how different is it from the Z800?
Very! The new bike shares many aspects with its predecessor, but if you look at the overall updates, the Z900 is a completely new bike. It comes with a completely reworked appearance, evolving from the curves of the Z800 to sharper lines and cuts. Engine power has been bumped up to give a 12hp increase in output, taking peak power up to a meaty 125hp. The overall capacity of the four-cylinder mill has been brought up to 948cc. The engine was built keeping in mind high performance without cutting back on low- to mid-range rideability, as compared to the Z800. With a wheelbase of 1,450mm and ground clearance of 795mm, it makes for a super comfortable bike to ride. It also comes equipped with a six-speed gearbox with a slipper-clutch that acts as a blessing on Indian roads.

Is it still a portly bike like the Z800?
Even with the new modifications and upgrades, Kawasaki has managed to lighten the Z900 by at least 20kg as compared to the earlier model. A lot of that has to do with the new trellis frame and lighter alloy wheels; so the new bike is expected to be a much better performer on the road. The total weight of the Z900 comes up to 211 kg and, while this may not be exactly light, it is still lighter than the bulky Z1000. It will be interesting to see how the loss of weight benefits the bike when it actually hits the road.

Money talk
The Z800 cost around ₹7.5 lakh and was more than worth the price. It provided solid performance and satisfied the needs of buyers looking for a powerful and stable vehicle to ride. But, the new Z900 is a much more powerful machine with added features, which justifies the bike's ₹9.0 lakh price tag.

Should you upgrade to a Z900 if you already own a Z800?
The Z800 is more than a capable vehicle. It has most of the features other bikes in the markets have and is extremely dependable. So, for someone who already owns the Z800, splurging on the Z900 may not be the ideal way to go as you already have one of the best bikes in the market. But to properly upgrade your ride, opt instead for the much more powerful Z1000.

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