Read the story to find out what makes women better drivers than men?

Being a good driver means being safe and not aggressive on the road. One debate that has been a part of our lives for ages now is that 'Men are better drivers than Women'. When we talk about gender, it is just one factor that is considered when it comes to safe driving. In this context, when a woman is driving a car, she is bound to get judgemental looks from everyone. In today’s time, when almost everyone is talking about equality, it is quite shocking to hear the slurs thrown around the women drivers. Also, driving capabilities are not defined by one’s gender but rather by how well a person can handle the steering wheel in any given situation. 

The automotive world is dominated by men has been an age-old myth. Now, we have so many women out there who are taking on roles that were previously male-dominated. Women like Bertha Benz, wife of Carl Benz (Founder of Mercedes Benz) is one such example who has risen to a powerful position within the automotive industry. Besides providing financial support to her husband to build his automobile company, she also completed the very first publicity tour for his first motor vehicle. Along with her two children, she drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim. She even did a reverse trip after a few days. Bertha Benz is truly an inspiration as she has helped in getting the first motor car onto the roads. 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we have listed the top reasons that justify why women are better drivers than men. This story will further break the stereotypes that have surrounded the age-old myth “Men are better drivers than women”

Most of the women tend to drive at a speed that is manageable and steady. They generally do not overspeed or overtake any vehicle. Instead, they wait till the road ahead is absolutely clear. Men, on the other hand, most of the time accelerate behind a lumbering vehicle and then try to move quickly through the gap with just a few inches to spare. All these things can further lead to accidents. 

The second reason why women are better drivers than men is that women are more cautious than men while driving. According to research, women tend to have a longer attention span than men, which further reduces the number of accidents. Due to lack of attention, men most of the time focus on other bizarre things which makes them forget the exact route of destination. Women, on the other hand, are often attentive when it comes to directions. Besides being more cautious, they avoid taking the daring risk which their male counterparts tend to enjoy. Also, women hate the prospects of accidents and the agony of street-side arguments and police reports.

Lastly, when we talk about following the safety guidelines while driving, men often fail in that. Men are most of the time considered to be care-free while driving. For them, their car is an extension of their vision of manhood. Most men consider overtaking as an assertion of mastery and dominance. Talking about women, they always wear seatbelts while driving and abide by the traffic rules. Scenarios such as driving under the influence of alcohol, overspeeding and violating traffic rules are mostly done by men in comparison to women. This further justifies that women are responsible drivers. 

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