Mumbai now has 99 octane petrol on sale

  • Published By: Hari
  • 2 May 2018

Hindustan Petroleum’s launched its premium Power 99 petrol in the city.

Hindustan Petroleum (HP) launched its premium Power 99 petrol at the company’s Auto Care Centre
retail outlet at NS Road. It has an octane rating of 99 and will be used in high-end cars and two-
wheelers. Power 99 is already available in Bengaluru and Pune.
The company claims it is the ideal fuel choice for high-performance cars and two-wheelers since it helps
reduce equipment failure and does not contain any harmful heavy metals. Emissions are also lower
thanks to the superior combustion of the fuel. The company says that Power 99 can be used in other
cars and bikes too. Regular petrol in metro cities has an octane rating of 91 and until now, there were
only 97 octane pumps in the city.

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