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Most Important Things to Keep in a Car

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  • Published On: 18 December 2020
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We have made a comprehensive list of things that should be present in a vehicle all the time

Things to Keep in a Car
  • Things to Keep in a Car


  • A dedicated tool kit should always be in the boot of your car
  • The owner's manual should be there in the glovebox of your vehicle all the times
  • The first aid kit is an indispensable ingredient in any vehicle

If buying a car is a tough decision to make, then making a list of the important things that need to be in the car all the time is even more tough. Every car owner intends to keep minimum stuff in the car so that it doesn't eat up the space for occupants and luggage. There can be extraordinary situations in the midst of a journey such as engine breakdown, accident, tyre puncture, medical emergency and many more. And, if you are not smartly equipped with the requisite equipments to battle the situation at that time, then it can be troublesome for you and all the other individuals present in the vehicle. Hence, we have made a comprehensive list of things that should be present in a vehicle all the time:

Registration Card (RC), Insurance Certificate & Driving License: These are the most important things that should always be in your car. The cops at security checkpoints generally ask for the vehicle's registration card and insurance certificate to ensure that the car is genuine and the person driving it is the rightful owner of it. The driving license is an equally important official document which needs to be in the car all the time. The law enforcement authorities always ask for the driving license from the individual who is at the helm of the steering wheel. Hence, the absence of all these documents can lead to heavy fine, impoundment of the vehicle and even land you in prison.

Tool Kit: An individual must always keep a dedicated tool kit in the boot of the car in order to ensure a smooth bailout during tyre puncture or engine failure. The tool kit should include Tire Jack, Spare Tire, Jumper Cables, Tire Pressure Gauge, WD-40, Duct Tapes and Lug Wrench. All the aforementioned equipments are of immense help during crisis time. Whether the car of the tyre gets punctured or the battery is down, all these instruments come handy. Also, the person driving the car should have a thorough knowledge about the usage of these equipments - be it the change of tyre or recharging of the battery. The spare tire is very useful during bursting of tyre on a remote highway.

Owner’s Manual: The owner's manual should be in the glovebox of your vehicle all the time. The importance of the owner's manual is paramount as it provides every information regarding the vehicle such as recommended fuel and PSI levels. The owner's manual always comes with the vehicle and people generally never take it out or read it but nevertheless, it carries precious information about the car. The manual also has the information regarding general repairs and spare parts of the vehicle.

First-aid kit: The first aid kit is an indispensable ingredient in any vehicle as it rescues people from the most tough situations. The first aid kit generally comprises of Band-Aids, ointment, gauze pads, scissors, and gloves. In case of kids, one must never forget to put in some essential medicines for cough, cold, sneeze, headache and stomachache.


We strongly suggest you to keep all the above mentioned things in your car to enjoy a safe, sound and swift driving experience.

Author: Mayank Gupta

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