Supreme Court Says Modified Cars, Bikes Illegal

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  • 11 January 2019

Supreme Court has outlawed any modifications to the cars and bikes in India.

A heartbreaking news for car and bike enthusiasts as Supreme Court says all car and bike modifications are illegal in India. Any alterations out of the details mentioned on the registration certificate of a specific car or bike are illegal. The Supreme Court has given a clarification that any modification that alters the specification made by the car/bike manufacturer is not permitted by law.

According to the Supreme Court, a modification will change the structure of a vehicle, which differentiates it from the standard model. The court has ruled that any changes incuding paint, tyre size and even fixtures of modified parts like spoilers and body kits can be considered outside the purview of the law. 

Even modified exhausts aren't permissible as they change the decibel output as well as emission output of a vehicle. The reason behind this rule is very clear. Any modifications to the vehicle will defy the road worthiness of the vehicle in terms of safety and the protection of the environment. It will be a difficult time for the aftermarket industry and the customers who would like to customise their rides with this strict rule by the court.

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