MG Hector Specifications, MG Hector vs Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta vs Tata Harrier

MG Motor India has officially entered the Indian car market with their first offering the MG Hector. The car is being termed as India’s first Internet SUV car. The Hector features over 50 different connectivity features via the iSmart system.  The MG Motors has revealed that the Hector has received over 10K bookings within 23 days from the commencement of the booking. The SUV is the first connected car to enter the mid-size SUV space in India. The car is much more than its iSmart connectivity features that makes it a strong contender in the compact SUV segment.

The MG Hector specifications are impressive and it gives a tough competition to the Hyundai Creta specifications.

But does the car have enough features to take on existing top players in its segment, lets us find out.

In fact, given its features and various functions, it is a direct competition to Jeep Compass, Hyundai Creta and Tata Harrier.

Given the Hyundai Creta specifications are impressive,

But does the car have enough features to take on existing top players in its segment, lets us find out.

MG Hector vs Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta vs Tata Harrier


The MG Hector specifications include a 2.0-litre diesel engine that churns out 168bhp of power and 350Nm of torque. The most interesting part of the comparison is that the 3 SUVs - Hector, Harrier, and Compass uses the same diesel engine. The three SUV’s - Hector, Harrier, and Compass uses the Fiat sourced 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, Multijet engine. But the Hector and Compass have tuned the engine to get most of the power figures which is 168 bhp, however, the torque figures are same in all three models which are 350Nm of torque. On the other hand, the Hyundai Creta feels underpowered as 1.6 U2 VGT CRDi Diesel Engine pumps 126bhp of power and 260Nm of torque. All four diesel variants of the SUVs are mated to a 6- speed transmission however only the Hyundai Creta gets an automatic transmission.

Exteriors and Dimensions:

The MG Hector is a clear winner when it comes to road footprint. The MG Hector is the lengthiest SUV that stands at 4665mm. The Hector is also the tallest among the Jeep Compass, Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier and stands at 1760mm. The Hector has also the longest wheelbase than any other competitors.  The Jeep Compass specifications include a length of 4395 mm, width of 1818 mm and height of 1640 mm.


The MG Hector is being termed as a connected car that a vertically mounted 10.4-inch ultra large Full-HD infotainment screen that is loaded with entertainment content.  The screen can withstand high temperature that is suitable for Indian summers. The car is also the first one to get an embedded SIM along with an IPv6 that makes the SUV 5G Ready or in other terms ready for future. The SUV offers other features like Real-Time Navigation, Remote Location, Geo-Fencing, Emergency Response and much more. The system software is designed in a way to be updated via over-the-air (OTA) downloads like firmware and features updates. The SUV comes with pre-loaded apps like TomTom IQ Maps, Gaana Premium, and AccuWeather app among others and MG offers free data services for 5 years. The Tata Harrier Specifications for the top model includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment screen that has inbuilt navigation and Apple car play.


The price for Tata Harrier price starts from 12.69 lakhs for the base model and goes up to 16.25 lakhs which is the price of the top model. While the price for Hyundai Creta starts from Rs. 13.36Lacs to Rs 15.65 Lacs for the top model. The price for MG Hector starts from 13.18 Lacs which is the price for its base model also known as Style variant. The top variant of MG Hector costs Rs. 16.88 Lacs. The Jeep Compass comes with a starting price starts from Rs 15.28 lakh and go up to Rs 22.79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

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