Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept car with scales on the subject of Avatar. Automobile placed in CES 2020 will be a promotional unit of upcoming Avatar movies.

Cameron joined Ola Källenius, Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, in promoting his upcoming film and thinking about partnering with the German automaker on the model car "Vision AVTR" (pictured below), including the value of sustainability. Daimler-Benz enlisted the help of film director James Cameron to help translate the idea behind the design of the car.

Every other year between December 2021 and December 2027, Disney will release a new Avatar movie, all of which will continue the story of Jake Sully, the Na'vi, and the other Pandora heroes. "When it comes to that stuff, I'm a total geek," Cameron said in a roadshow interview with CNET.

The fully electric vehicle, a sleek and futuristic looking sedan, is able to travel autonomously and can even use its special wheel shape to slip sideways using "bionic flaps" based on the size of a reptile.

According to Daimler, the term "Vision AVTR" stands not only for "Avatar" but also "TRansformation Advanced Vehicle." The car, using what the company calls ' biometric link, ' also takes some of its interactive signals from the film franchise.

Specially the steering wheel is sci-fi, claiming to "merge" man and machine with the car understanding the driver based on their rhythm and breathing patterns. From there, the driver will have access to key controls for the car through a menu that is projected directly onto their hand palm.

The caption written next to the artwork reads: "You will not just return to Pandora in the Avatar sequels-you will explore new parts of the world" A Dashboard interface module provides a tactile link between travelers and the outside world.

The seats are decorated in organic Dinamica fabric, made exclusively from recycled material from old clothes, badges, and plastic bottles manufactured from PET. Although the idea of auto will actually never see the track, Cameron said that it is not the commodity that matters, it is what the car is. You must begin with the expression, you must begin with the thought.'

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