Maruti Suzuki True Value Expanded To 200 Outlets

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  • 25 February 2019

Maruti True Value reach has expanded to 200 outlets across 132 cities in India

19 months back, Maruti Suzuki re-launched True Value and the new True Value has reached 200 outlets across 132 cities in India. Their car evaluation process is based on a simple objective – to evaluate every pre-owned car from the inside out. Evaluators at True Value use a digital application to assess every car on multiple aspects.

These aspects include engine, suspension, brakes, electrical fittings and equipment, transmission and steering control, to cover car’s complete health, and reduce chance of error during evaluation. After digital evaluation and refurbishment, every car is certified digitally at True Value. If the car fulfills the necessary parameters, it is branded as True Value Certified car which comes with upto 1 Year Warranty and 3 free services.

True Value is convenient for those who don't want to get into paperwork for aspects like Registration Transfer, insurance or finance, etc. The dedicated Relationship Officers at True Value take care of all the paperwork. The pre-owned cars at True Value include Maruti Suzuki cars not driven for more than 1 lakh km and less than 7 years old, not more than two ownerships, vehicle not used for commercial purposes, no retrofitted CNG or LPG kits and non accidental cars.

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