Maruti Suzuki begins testing electric vehicles in India

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  • 7 September 2018

Maruti Suzuki to launch electric cars in India starting from 2020 and they have already begun testing electric cars.

Air pollution from vehicles is the major issue that most of the developing nations are facing, including India. Maruti Suzuki being the largest car manufacturer in India has taken a huge step towards the solution to this problem. Maruti Suzuki is trying to bring electric vehicles to India by 2020, hence commences the testing of EVs in India.

The company has fitted batteries in a fleet of cars. These prototype cars were made in Japan and the modification to these have been done in the company’s Gurugram facility. The testing is done to gather the vital information that will be helpful in manufacturing the electric vehicles. The testing will tell the vehicle’s performance in a real-world Indian scenario.

The company has tied up with Toshiba and Denso for the lithium-ion batteries. The joint venture between Toyota and Maruti Suzuki will be helpful for the development of hybrid technology. And speaking about the acceptance of EVs in the mass market of India will largely be dependent on government’s subsidies and support.


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