Mahindra e2O officially Discontinued in India.

New reports have surfaced online claiming that Mahindra’s electric car division, Mahindra Electric Mobility has decided to pull the plug on its e20 Plus electric hatchback. This was India’s first electric car that was based on the Reva platform and now the brand has culled the electric hatch. The reason behind discontinuing the model could probably be slowdown in sales as well as the updated safety norms of the country. Another possible reason maybe that the brand is now gearing up to introduce its new line up if electric cars in India and hence is trying to phase out the older models that are present in the market. The new models that the company are launching in India will be the XUV300 EV and the electric version of KUV100 in India. Mahindra Electric Mobility’s Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Babu also confirmed that the e20 Plus has been discontinued for Indian market. What is to be noted here is that the 2-door version of the electric car was called e2O and the 4-door version was called the e2O Plus. The 2-door version was pulled from the market way back in 2016. Now that the Plus model of the electric car has also been discontinued in the market, the entire model line-up has moved out of production now. 

This move will only affect the sales in India as the car will still be sold in the international markets. The company produced the last unit of this for the Indian market in March this year. The Reva platform based Mahindra e2O and e2O Plus became strong sellers than the Reva itself. To let you know, REVAi was also sold as an electric car in the UK by the name of G-Wiz.

Reva was later acquired by Mahindra and the e2O models based on it were better in every manner. The e2O models were not only more spacious, but also came with a lot of features and better performance, hence making these cars more viable for the general public. It was perhaps due to this that many people to this day consider e2O to be the first electric car of the Indian market.

As far as the coming times for Mahindra Electric Mobility is concerned, the electric car division of the UV maker is expected to come up with all-new electric cars for the Indian market. These models will include electric versions of the existing models such as KUV100, XUV300, and XUV500 in the Indian market. These models will take on other upcoming electric vehicles in India such as the electric version of Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Hyundai Kona among others.

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