There are several lesser-known traffic laws in India that can invite massive penalties upon being violated.

The Indian Government recently amended the Motor Vehicle Act and increase fines on violation of traffic rules by several folds. Apart from this, a lot of other reforms are also being done in India to ensure the safety of road users among other things. While most of the laws regarding traffic and safety rules are in common public knowledge, there are many which are not usually known and can make you cringe in real life. While most of these laws do not get implemented by the cops on a regular basis, they do exist and several road users have been issued fines for violating these “unknown” rules. So today, let’s take a look at a few of these unknown traffic rules.

Blocking Parking

This is something that is often seen at public parking spaces in India. There are many people who just leave their vehicle without parking it in a designated place which creates a blockage in parking areas. According to the rulebook, blocking the way of any other car in a parking lot is an offence. One can always call the cops and a fine of Rs. 100 will be issued to the culprit. This rule came into effect in order to ensure that the vehicle owners park their cars properly and do not create blockages which cause inconvenience to other people.

Not Having First-Aid

Not having a first-aid kit in your car is a road rules offence in Chennai and Kolkata. According to the rule, failure to provide first-aid to any of the occupants in the car when an accident happens is a violation of road safety rules and the violator can be fined for Rs. 500 or can be awarded a jail term of up to three months. This rule was implemented to make sure that every vehicle gets a first-aid kit, which is mandatory to be sold with every new two-wheeler and four-wheeler in India.

Smoking in Car

Smoking in public places is banned all over the country. But for those who don’t know, smoking in the car when it is in the public areas is illegal in Delhi and NCR. You can be fined even if the vehicle is stationary/parked at a public place and the occupants are found smoking. Smoking usually distracts the driver and hence it is prohibited to smoke when driving or when the car is in a public place.

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