Make your old car look like brand new one with these very simple tips from Droom.

Every car owner out here knows that their car is not in the same condition as the time they drove it home on the day they bought it. Over time, the car’s condition deteriorates a bit and it does not performs as it once did. No matter how carefully you maintain your car, time is the one thing that will impact it the most. However, there are ways through which one can reduce the number of years a car has accumulated on it, and thankfully, they are not very cumbersome. Therefore, let us take a look at the various ways that will help you get the feel of a new car from your trusted old ride. 


With the mount of times the makers are updating their cars these days, one finds their car outdated months after buying it. However, the customers who bought the cars need not be disheartened when the newer version of the same car is out. Not only are there heaps of customization options out there for almost every car in the market, one can also go for a fresh paint of choice or repaint of the car. Changing the wheels and polishing the plastic parts of the car can also go a long way in bringing back the new car look to your car. However, a word of caution before taking the modification or customization route would be checking up with the current laws of the country and endorsing the customization or modification on the car’s registration papers.

Interior Reshuffle

The car’s outside faces the worst of the weather and time beating a car takes. However, over time the interiors also deteriorate and considering the time one spends inside the car, interiors often make you feel that your car has lost the zing it once had. There are several ways to address this issue, the easiest one is a thorough cleaning of the dashboard. If you want to take things a step further, one can always change the seat covers, door panels, or mats and carpets of the cabin. Apart from the cosmetic changes one can always go for major feature upgrades and additions to your trusted car.  

Prevent Rust

One among the major problems faced by the owners is the rusting away of the parts of their beloved ride. There is no sorry a sight than watching car rust. Therefore, proper care must be taken by the owners that will prevent their cars from rusting. These include ensuring there are no moist carpets or floor pads in the car, washing your car after a visit to the beach. The car owners in the humid areas of the country need to be especially more watchful of the rust menace. If the car has already started to rust, one must always replace the parts that have started rusting and then apply anti-rust coating to the other parts of the car.

Handling Damage

One always keeps reading that proper handling of the car enhances its life and it is always true. Therefore, try as less stunts with your cars as possible. While taking out the car for a good old spin is always fun, one always needs to maintain the car properly after that. Therefore, proper and periodic wheel alignment, proper maintenance, and timely change of tyres can always help the car stay in a condition that will be closer to the condition that it came in from the dealership.  

Performance Recuperation

As we have already stated, time can take toll on the car you own. This holds true for the performance of a car as well. Common mistakes leads to wear and tear of the engine, transmission and other vital parts of the car. The easier way to keep the car in a good condition as far as performance is concerned consists of tank and fuel line cleaning, changing engine oil on time, changing air filters on time. Other parts such as spark plugs and connecting leads must also be taken care of and replaced promptly when the need arises.

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