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Kawasaki Showcase Future Technologies for Motorcycles

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  • Published On: 1 December 2020
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Kawasaki releases a demo video showcasing future technologies for motorcycles

Kawasaki Hybrid
Kawasaki Rider
Kawasaki Hybrid
Kawasaki Rider


  • Kawasaki releases a demo video teasing their hybrid technology.
  • The technology will allow bikes to be used with petrol-power, full electric, or a combination.
  • According to the two-wheeler manufacturer, the technology is still in its early stage.

Japanese two-wheeler brand - Kawasaki recently showcased a hybrid powertrain for future Kawasaki bikes along with bikes that offered artificial intelligence. The manufacturer has released a demo video that potrays the potential functions of a hybrid powertrain. The hybrid powertrain has the potential to use pure internal combustion engine power, pure electric power, or a combination of both.

Talking about the demo video, it shows how a motorcycle can use an internal combustion engine for highways, and then switch to purely electric mode within the city. Furthermore, on winding roads, the motorcycle can easily use both internal combustion and electric power.

The city shown in the video is Paris, France. This particular city is all set to restrict access to all petrol-powered bikes within the metropolitan area by 2030. The end of the video also showcases a hybrid prototype on a dynamometer. The prototype is first seen running on electric power even before the power from the internal combustion engine kicks in. We can also see in the video a ride playback mode showing ride data with a 3D animated model.

The hybrid motorcycle project is in the early stage of development so it is going to take some time till we see the actual production model equipped with this technology. Also, Kawasaki is yet to figure out the type of batteries that will be used in the motorcycle. Apart from these, the company also revealed the plans for its ongoing project about artificial intelligence for motorcycles. Kawasaki is in fact developing an in-helmet voice-activated system that will respond to voice commands. Furthermore, the AI system can intimate the rider about how much remaining range does the bike have before the re-filling of fuel. 

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Author: Samreen Pall

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