Pre-booked Jawa bikes to be delivered by September 2019.

After staying away from the market for a long time, Jawa made a reentry in the Indian market at the end of last year. With the launch of two models in India, the brand had begun taking the official bookings for the bike in India and soon after the company had to close the online bookings due to the large number of bookings it had received. Although the brand has started the delivery of the bookings it had taken, the deliveries have only begun at the end of last month and looking at the number of bookings it had got, the orders will take a lot of time to be fulfilled.

The founder of Classic Legends, the company responsible for bringing the Jawa brand back to India, Anupam Thareja recently talked about the delivery of Jawa's bikes in India in an interview and stated that the number of orders that the brand has received will only be fulfilled by September 2019. The production of the company has been sluggish so far but the brand is soon expected to roll up its sleeve and produce larger number of bikes that it currently does. However, September is not that far and if the company means to deliver on its tentative delivery date, a vast increase in production numbers will have to take place.

As far as the online booking scene is concerned, it remains closed as of now and there are hopes that once the company has delivered a good number of bikes and has reduced the burden of fulfilling the orders, the online bookings shall resume. The only way to book a Jawa bikes as of now is visiting the local dealership of the company and booking a bike there. As of now the company operates nearly one hundred dealerships in India with more slated to come up in the future. These dealerships not only have display units but also offer the customer test rides of the bikes.

Avid watchers of the brand will remember that the initial orders that will be delivered will only come with single channel ABS on the bikes as the company had launched the bikes with only single channel initially. It was only later that the company went ahead and gave the option of a dual-channel ABS variant on all of their bikes in the market. The batches with dual channel ABS installed will only see delivery to the customers in the month of July.

Last year, the retro maker Jawa launched two bikes – Jawa and the Jawa 42. The two bikes come with different styling, but have identical mechanical parts. Both the bikes are mechanically identical but look different from each other. The two bikes come with the same single cylinder 293cc engine rated to deliver 27 Bhp and 28 Nm. Although the brand has not revealed the booking numbers so far, the dispatch figures for March were 255 units, which is not a very inspiring figure.

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