Japan Mobility Show Encounters: Toyota New EV Concept and Honda Flying Car

Japanese automakers are at their first motor show earlier named as Tokyo Motor show now named as Japan Mobility Show in four years to beckon that they're still global EV leaders.
  • Published On: 25/10/23
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Honda Prelude Concept

News Highlights

  • The Japanese automaker is dwindling directly proportional to the diminishing population of Japan.
  • BYD is going to be the first Chinese automaker to showcase their automobiles at the Mobility Show.
  • The rebadged Japan Mobility Show is reopening after 4 years, 2019.
  • Toyota’s on-point twirl around introducing battery EVs.

In the fasten up world wrapped around the EV industry, automakers have tethered to this technology with utmost importance. Japan, which is considered to be the world's superior automobile country, is showcasing the long-overdue Tokyo Motor Show, but with a twist. Now, this show is rebadged as JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW. But, the host might lose its long-secured top rank as world’s top exporter to China and 3rd largest economy to Germany this year. 

Japan is worrisome due to dwindling domestic market and regions of the US and Europe swifting caressing EVs, Honda Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp., among others are expediting pressure to modulate from internal combustion engines.

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Honda Takes on Space, Air, and Sea

In this Motor Show, Honda will be showcasing an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, avatar robots as well as its HondaJet business plane.

Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda said during the presentation, “My dream is to create a world where people can move freely on the ground, sea and air, as well as outer space, in vehicles bearing the Honda logo.”

Individuals can see the long-gone Prelude, as it's expected that the car is making its comeback after so long. This 2001 retired two-door sports car is currently under development and will come back as an EV.

Mibe said, “Honda has been focussing on sports cars in all eras. This is something that only Honda can do.”

Subaru revealed a motorsports EV concept along with a flying car that has already been taken to the skies for its preliminary tests. The primary focus is now to make them adaptable to the public.

Mercedes-Benz Ceo is hoping to double up its EV sales in the country after having sold off 1001 vehicles in 2021 and doubling this number in 2022. This German automaker after launching its Mercedes-Benz GLE SUVs last month is installing fast chargers across Japan in 2024 to support EV drivers to efficiently power up their vehicles.

Mazda Motors revealed their concept sports car which has the firm’s rotary engine technology mated with hybrid powertrain with a battery that can also be charged up. It is a multi-purpose vehicle and can be used for outings, racing or even daily commuting.

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