Indian Motorcycles have introduced a new cylinder deactivation tech that helps in fuel efficiency and better comfort with less heat.

With 2019 nearing, it’s the American brand Indian Motorcycles which has launched its new line of motorcycles globally. Indian Motorcycle brings the updated version of Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster. With the new line-up, there are few new technologies up in the sleeve.

The cylinder deactivation technology debuts in the new motorcycles. What this does is cut off the rear cylinder when the bike is standstill. This reduces the overheating of the engine and increases the fuel efficiency thus making the ride comfortable and economical. When the rider twists the throttle, the cylinder comes back to life and provides seamless delivery of full power.

The bikes now get three riding modes namely Tour, Standard and Sport. In Tour mode, the power delivery is relaxed for a laidback riding experience, while in Standard mode the engine feels slightly peppier for urban city riding but it’s the Sport mode that transforms the bike into the ludicrous avatar to fully release the power of the massive V-Twin powerplant which produces 161.6 Nm of torque.

The audio system has been updated with a dynamic equaliser which adjusts itself depending on road, wind and engine noise. As the brand brings the bikes to the Indian shores through CBU route, the prices will slightly be more than the 2018 models. We expect the India launch and global launch to be around the same time.

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