Hyundai Motor shares its vision for robotics in the real world & metaverse under the theme ‘Expanding Human Reach’

Hyundai Motor Company plans to use robotics in both the real world and metaverse. The automaker shared its vision of the new ‘Metamobility’ concept at CES 2022. This is one of the most influential tech events in the world running from January 5 - 7. 

The automaker’s presentation was based on the main theme of ‘Expanding Human Reach’. It further reflected how the company’s robotics business will drive the paradigm shift towards future mobility. Basically, the robots will act as a medium between the real world and virtual spaces. This will further enable the users to make appropriate changes in the metaverse that will be reflected in the reality. Having said this, Hyundai has given numerous examples showing how the concept will link the metaverse and the real world. The company aims to create a vehicle that can be transformed into a workspace or an entertainment room including a 3D video game platform. Moving on, there will be automated personal transportation devices for people with disabilities and individuals who want to maintain social distance while traveling. Besides this, Hyundai intends to create a smart factory where humans outside the plant can remotely control robots so that they interact with machines & products inside the plant. 

In order to make all these work, Hyundai plans to build a ‘Mobility of Things’ ecosystem that is going to link modular robotic platforms so as to perform different mobility services. There is one such module called Plug & Drive or PnD which is a single-wheel robotics platform. This platform further combines intelligent steering, braking & suspension with in-wheel electric drive, lidar sensors for automated operations, and cameras. 

“At Hyundai, we are harnessing the power of robotics to achieve great things. We envision future mobility solutions made possible by advanced robotics — even expanding our mobility solutions to Metamobility. This vision will enable unlimited freedom of movement and progress for humanity,” as commented by Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group. 

Through this Metamobility concept, robots will basically help people to overcome physical limitations of time and space thereby providing a means to connect and interact within the metaverse. 

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“The idea behind Metamobility is that space, time and distance will all become irrelevant. By connecting robots to the metaverse, we will be able to move freely between both the real world and virtual reality. Going one step further from the immersive ‘be there’ proxy experience that the metaverse provides, robots will become an extension of our own physical senses, allowing us to reshape and enrich our daily lives with Metamobility,” as commented by Chang Song, President and Head of Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Division of Hyundai Motor Group. 

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