How to keep your helmet clean to avoid attracting Coronavirus

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  • Published On: 3 April 2020
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Beat the lockdown blues by cleaning your helmet and storing it properly for your next ride.

COVID’19 pandemic has taken a toll on the whole world. A lot of steps are been taken to exercise caution and reduce the spread of infection. The coronavirus outbreak has triggered lockdown across the country leading to the grinding halt of all the spring ride plans. It has also been advised to reduce travel, social gatherings and follow social distancing for the next few days to minimise the risk of contracting the virus. The helmet is the carrier of dust, germs and bacteria. Thus it should be cleaned quite often to help avoid attracting Coronavirus. Although it is quite simple to clean the helmet, but there is a proper way to do that. 


How to keep your helmet clean

Here is a guide to help you get the helmet, cleaned and stored, ready for whenever you get to ride out next.

Disassemble the helmet parts

It is very important to clean each and every part of your helmet. For that, first spread a piece of paper on the table or floor. Put your helmet at the centre of it. Begin removing the visor. Most of the helmets have a release lock for the visor located under the sliding mechanism. Pull it up and release the visor. Next remove the cushion. Cushion varies for each manufacturer, but all helmets come with cushion that consist of two removable cheek-pads and the central liner cushion that runs along the top. After that remove the air-vent. After removing all the parts, you are then left with the shell along with the styrofoam sub-shell underneath it. 

Clean and Disinfect

There are many chemicals available in the market to clean helmet parts. But it is best advised to stay away from them and adopt simple measures. Wrap the shell with tissue paper and then spray water on the entire thing. Leave it for sometime. Do the same thing with visor. Meanwhile, clean the cushions of the helmet. 5-10 minuter later, remove the tissue paper from the shell whipping it downwards. This will help to get rid of the insect splatters and most of the other stains. 

If you are a rigorous highway rider then you will have a stickier diesel flame residue that requires a little more coercion. To clean this, make a dilute mixture of soap and water. With a cloth gently remove the fume stains from the body of the helmet. Once done, use a dry cloth to wipe it down and leave both outside in the sun for the final dry out. Do not leave the shell and visor outside for more than two hours and also avoid direct sunlight. 

Padding and Liners Care

Padding is the breeding ground for bacteria as it absorbs all the sweat from your face and just soaks it in. Wash the liners atleast once a month. Just soak them for about 30 minutes in a light soap water mixture. Rinse out with fresh water. Rince lightly and then put out to dry.

Reassembly and Storage

Once all the parts dry, it is time to reassemble them. Put every part back the way it was taken out. Do not forget to put the nose deflector. Keep the helmet in the helmet bag for storage. If humidity or moisture is a problem, try to add a few silica gel packs into it to ensure it stays dry and store away.


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Author: Samreen Pall

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