How to Decide Which Vehicle is for You?

There are plenty of aspects to look into before making that all-important decision of buying a vehicle. We list those down for you right here in this article.
  • Published On: 19/12/20
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Pre-Owned and New Purchase

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  • Indian buyers have a plethora of options available to them in the passenger car segment.
  • One of the key factors to buying a vehicle is that it should have a good fuel economy.
  • One can find good value for money vehicles on sale on used car platform like Droom.

With new launches and heavy year-end discounts, Indian buyers have a plethora of options available to them in the passenger car segment. It is good to have options but it also gets confusing for the end buyer in picking the right vehicle. Many thoughts run through the mind as one makes a visit to the nearest dealership or checks the prices and features of a specific model on an online e-commerce platform like ours. The Indian market has moved upwardly in the last few years with the entry of new brands like Kia and MG. New launches like Sonet, Seltos, Magnite, Creta Facelift have been quite a hit in the market. With so many options on offer, Indian buyers are spoilt for choice. In the article, today, we will try to help you out in the search for a vehicle that suits your needs and requirements. There are plenty of aspects to look into before taking a decision on that all important purchase. What are those? Let us find out.

Deciding the size of a vehicle

The smaller the vehicle, cheaper it will be in India considering the taxes that are less on sub-4-meter cars. Plus, if your family is small, hatchbacks and subcompact car models would perfectly suit your requirement. Make sure legroom is ample enough with spacious cabin for the family to stretch their legs during both short and long distances. In case the family is more than four members, then a better option will be either a minivan or an SUV. If you're the business kinds and require more boot space to carry heavy load of commodities, then in that case a pick-up truck like Isuzu D-Max will be the ideal choice for your needs.

Financial Aspect

As financial experts often point out, one must not exceed 15 percent of the budget on car related expenditures. Considering household expenses are on a rise, one has to be careful in selecting a car that suits your lifestyle and financial budget. Plan the purchase around the festive season or by the year-end as manufacturers often give out great discount deals to sell off their existing inventory. Additionally, visit various dealerships and try to avoid unnecessary accessories being added on behalf of the showroom to the final bill. 

Pre-Owned or New Purchase

The used car market segment is growing at a rapid pace in India. One can find good value for money vehicles on sale on our platform. You can inspect the vehicle and take it out for a test drive. Check how much it has run and how many owners it had before making the final decision. Some of the e-commerce platform even offer attractive financial schemes so it is worth the time and effort to check for used cars.

Fuel Economy

With petrol and diesel prices on an all-time high, a buyer need to look into a vehicle that offers good fuel economy. Diesel cars give out better mileage compared to the petrol ones and have better resale value to. Premium hatchbacks like New-Gen Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Baleno (Petrol Smart Hybrid) would be perfect for fuel mileage conscious buyers in the country.


Most important of all is doing a proper research before making a purchase. First, read up articles and reviews of the particular car model that you have zeroed in on before moving forward to the purchase stage. Try to arrange a test drive to get a look and feel of the vehicle. Check out the interiors to see if the fabric and upholstery is in good condition. Do test the AC, power windows, seatbelts, locks among others. These points are more important if you are making a purchase of a pre-owned car.


Buying a car is a huge task for anyone considering that we are spoilt for choices. One has to consider the budget, features, ARAI certified fuel economy and do a proper research before zeroing on a particular vehicle. We suggest that one should also check out reviews of the dealership from where you intend on purchasing the car. Moreover if in doubt, do reach out to us at Our auto experts will help you make that informed decision without you having to go through the hassle of find out everything by yourself.

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