Hero passion xpro gets new design and custom fenders due to the modification exercise carried out.

Bike modifications became known to the wider world through documentaries and tv shows like american chopper and fast n’ loud. Earlier, bike modifications were rare but now there is a considerable increase in the customized bikes running on the road. Once modified, the bike owners need to take a registration certificate from arai (automotive research authority of india). We have covered some unique customized bikes in india earlier and today, we have a stunning modification. We bring the stunning transformation of hero passion xpro into an adventure bike for rs 80,000. Bitto bike modification got this unique request from a customer. As per the dealership, the bike was a newly purchased bike from the showroom for this specific purpose. 

A detailed video uploaded by vampvideo on youtube shows the detailed look at the transformation of the bike. The customized bike sports modified license plate, indicator lamps, headlamps and fenders. By raising the fenders at both the front and rear side of the bike, it looks more like a dirtbag. The stock hero passion xpro semi-digital unit is replaced by a fully digital instrument console.  The rider can change the colour on the screen with help of a switch while adjusting the colour with the different light conditions in your road trip. 

The fuel tank, seat rear side panel and side panels have been completely redesigned. The xpro tyres are swapped with knobby tyres to adjust to the different off-roading terrains. As expected, the customized bike belts out a quite noticeable throaty and deep sound. The designers kept the exhaust note a little lower to avoid traffic violations. Ergonomics wise, good riding stance is possible on the customized passion xpro thus suitable for a long-distance road trip. The cost for modification was rs 80,000 and including the bike’s cost, it would come around easily to rs 1.40 lakhs.

Most would have thought of buying the duke 125 model which would cost approximately the same as the modified hero passion xpro but some people like possessing a customized bike. Hero xpro is currently discontinued in india as the country moved from bs4 to bs6 vehicular norms.

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Hero Passion XPro Modified into Adventure Bike for Rs 80000
  • Published On : 4 July 2020
  • 1 min read

Hero passion xpro gets new design and custom fenders due to the modification exercise carried out.

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