Delhi-NCR dealership offering hefty discounts on Triumph bikes.

Triumph Motorcycles is one among the top placed brands in the market and the maker of dream bikes of many bike fans. However, the high price of the company’s products keeps their bikes away from the reach of many enthusiasts. Now there are reports on the internet stating that these bikes from the brand are available at a massively discounted rate. The report claims that the 2016 and 2017 make year models of the British maker’s bikes are being sold at a severely discounted price. However, the catch here is that these are used models or the models that have been already used for display purposes. The discounted bikes are available at a particular showroom in the Delhi-NCR and it covers most of the famous models of the company’s line-up. Notably the famed British maker makes some legendary and coveted bikes like the Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Triple and Triumph Tiger.

Some models are even being sold at half the value of their ex-showroom price! Not all models are also from the used lot, the bikes that are of the maker year 2016 have not been used at all and come with a naught as the odometer reading and have not been registered as well. Taking a look at the discounts, we start with the Street Twin, this bike from the maker is available at a price that starts from Rs. 5 lakhs. Moving on to the more expensive models from the brand the price range for the Triumph Street Triple S starts at Rs. 6 lakhs. The prices for the Triumph Street Scrambler start at Rs. 5.75 lakhs. The retro themed Bonneville range of the bikes consisting of the Bobber, T100, and T120 starts from Rs. 6.40 lakhs, Rs. 5.75 lakhs and Rs. 6.50 lakhs respectively. Other models like the Triumph Tiger 800’s price starts at Rs. 5.50 lakhs.

The hefty discounts on these expensive machines sure makes this deal a once in a lifetime opportunity as one does not normally sees a discount this hefty on the bikes. To add to the bonus of the discount on the expensive bikes, the customers will also not have to face a limited range of choice as these discounted models are available in a wide range of colour choices. The detailed description of the scheme is cash discount upto 55 percent on the selected models and to top it off, a finance scheme with zero interest and full finance is also available.

One should not be concerned about the used nature of the bikes as they have been barely used and the amount of discount being offered on them is too huge to be ignored. The make year of the new models also should not be of concern as the discount is hefty and the warranty starts from the day of the purchase. Overall, if you are in the market to purchase a high-capacity bike, this is a deal that will surely knock your socks off. So hurry as the offer is only valid till 30 June 2019.

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