T50 Supercar is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.9-litre V12 engine

Gordon Murray name evokes respect and awe in the automobile world. South Africa born British Citizen, Gordon Murray is a renowned F1 racing car designer and counts McLaren F1 road car as one of his prolific projects. Gordon Murray Automotive unveiled the T50 Supercar. So, when Gordon announces any new project, we are bound to stand up and take notice. The reason behind the name T50 is interesting as this is the 50th project he has undertaken in a highly successful career spanning over 50 years.

A stunning piece of an engineering marvel, the GMA T50 Supercar is a successor to the famous McLaren F1 road car. Weighing just 986 kgs, the focus was on developing a supercar with effective aerodynamics, the right design and excellent materials. Reducing the weight of a car was a difficult task considering the T50 is almost similar to the famous Porsche 911. Gordon used light-weight carbon fibre for the monocoque and the body panels. Everywhere, the emphasis was on using materials or components which would reduce the weight. For example, titanium fixings were used extensively plus the glass is unbelievably 28 per cent thinner than a normal supercar for reducing the weight further. The designer worked hard to make the mid-mounted engine as lightweight as possible without affecting its performance. 

The best bit about the design is the low and sleek appearance reminiscent of the McLaren F1 road car. Access the cabin using the dihedral doors that rise up when opened and resting above the passenger cabin. The interior is a class apart with the use of premium aerospace standard primary and secondary controls. T50 follows McLaren F1's three-seat arrangement. Plus the driver gets an unrestricted view from the cabin thanks to the jet style seating position. 

Gordon Murray Automotive T50 Supercar is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.9-litre V12 engine weighing just 180 kg developed by Cosworth. The engine produces ground-breaking 654 bhp of power output with the supercar touching 12,100 RPM. While the transmission duties are handled by a six-speed manual gearbox. 

Gordon Murray and his team's focus was on improving the T50's aerodynamics to the highest level without the addition of wings, vents or scoops. Raising the aerodynamics bar further is the addition of six individual aero modes. There is the standard normal everyday mode and then there is a high-downforce mode for increasing downforce in the car by almost 30 percent. The buyer can customize the car’s interior and exterior as per their tastes. Only 100 units of T50 will be made with production expected to begin in 2022. The cost of Gordon Murray Automotive T50 Supercar will be £2.36 million without the local taxes. 

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