Ginetta Reveals New Supercar

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  • 28 February 2019

Ginetta has revealed its new 600 HP supercar

Ginetta has revealed their new supercar ahead of its public premiere at the Geneva Motor Show where its name and pricing details would be announced. The supercar gets a front-mid engine setup with aggressive carbon fiber bodywork that aid in generating huge levels of downforce. The chassis uses a bespoke carbon-fiber tub.

The supercar is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.0-litre, dry-sumped 90⁰ V8 engine built from a single aluminum billet block with forged inners, featuring Ginetta’s own design of throttle bodies. This setup develops peak power north of 600 HP while torque is estimated to be around 700Nm. The engine is paired to a bespoke six-speed sequential transmission with carbon propshaft and paddle shifters that not only aids in quick gear changes but also provides a racecar-like soundtrack.

The Ginetta supercar has a dry weight of just 1150 kgs, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 545 HP per tonne despite featuring a FIA-spec rollover structure as standard. The car is inspired by Ginetta’s LMP1 cars which helps it generate race-car levels of downforce, about 376 kgs at 160 km/hr. Weight distribution is a near-perfect 49:51 front to rear, while the chassis sports adjustable pushrod double wishbones in all four corners.

While Ginetta didn’t release any pictures of the interior, one picture showcases the molded seats with lots of Alcantara, carbon fiber and billet aluminum to be seen around. Ginetta’s new supercar will get ABS, traction control, a reverse camera, automatic headlights, park sensors, air conditioning, heated screens front and rear, wireless phone charging among other features.

The supercar from Ginetta will start production in 2020 with only 20 units to be ever built, of which 12 have already been sold out. The expected price tag for this no-nonsense supercar is £400,000 which puts it in the same range as several Lamborghini, Ferrari and other exotic cars.

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