Germ Shield Service to disinfect vehicles. home and offices of harmful viruses.

The virus outbreak is causing havoc in India with over 5000 plus citizens hospitalized and 100 plus deaths so far. The rise in the cases is putting pressure on the Indian healthcare system. If the citizens and the communities come together in taking the right measures, the virus transmission can be slowed just like we saw in China. It originated from the Wuhan province in China bringing the whole world to a standstill affecting economies, communities in a short period. WHO and Indian govt is outlining various measures to protect the Indian citizens from the deadliest disease.

Droom Technologies, based out of Gurugram is offering Germ Shield Service to the vehicle owners. The unique service offers an antimicrobial surface protection shield for cars and two-wheelers. Germ Shield Service will be an important tool for customers in protecting their vehicles by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, yeast, mould, and mildew. 

Here are the 'Top 10 Things To Know' About Germ Shield

1. Gurgaon Police used Germ Shield Program 

Droom, India’s largest and pioneering online automobile transactional marketplace announced a fleet sanitization drive for Gurugram Police.



2. Used for workplaces

Once the workplaces open after the lockdown, they can use the service to sanitize their workplace before the employees again join to resume their work.

3. Used in Residential Complexes

The residential societies who had a virus-affected patient in their complex can deploy the services to clean the escalators or the stairs railings.  

4. Hospitals or drug testing centres can employ it

Hospitals can use Germ Shield service to clean their premises of any harmful virus. 

5. Germ Shield is an antimicrobial surface protection shield for cars and two-wheelers

Be it 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, vehicle owners can use the service to protect their prized possessions from harmful microbes.

6. Disinfect the HVAC unit

 The HVAC unit tends to carry a lot of infection and viruses as it circulates air in the cabin. 


7. 3 month-long protection

Germ Shield has shown to be successful against SARS and other droplet-based viruses for up to 3 months.  

8. Exterior & Interior Door Handles cleaning

Once the lockdown ends, the first touch will be the door handle to open the car. Germ-Shield will disinfect the exterior and interior door handles.

9. Technology behind the Germ Shield Service

The technology polymerizes (bonds) to any surface resulting in a strong, durable, invisible and effective barrier with a 99.99 per cent microbial reduction rate.

10. Online Cab booking services 

Companies like Uber, Ola who have a large number of cars and 2 wheelers in their fleet can use the Germ Shield service. The disinfection of the vehicles is required once the lockdown ends to avoid any future health problems. 

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