Here are 5 ideas that will inspire you to venture out and engage in some fun activity with the help of your 4x4 SUV.

India’s love with SUVs is a thing of auto-industry analysis now. The customers are providing a great feedback and despite the recent slowdown in industrywide sales, SUVs still displayed promise with the signs of rebound. The automakers are more than taking notice and are introducing any and every kind of SUV in the Indian market. However, not all SUV branded vehicles are truly SUVs, as the enthusiasts will agree. A proper true-blue SUV remains unmatched in its capabilities and anything short of a proper 4x4 still remains unacceptable for the true SUV enthusiast. The unique ways in which one can have fun with these vehicles is only limited by the creativity of the owner and boy do the owners get creative. Therefore, here are 5 ideas that will inspire you to venture out and engage in some fun activity with the help of your 4x4 SUV. Although their ideas may seem weird at times, all is meant in good humor.

Do Not Let a Divider Stop You

Yes, remember the good humor part? This is where it gets important. One can find several pictures of 4×4 SUV owners taking matters into their own hands and refusing to drive a small distance in order to make a U-turn. These pictures and videos show people driving over the low height dividers on the road in order to make and about turn. The massive ground clearance offered by SUVs makes them the ideal vehicle to do this in. Although, this practice is very dangerous and should be exercised at any cost because it can prove to be the cause of a major accident. By doing this people endanger not just themselves but other people using the road as well.

No Elevator? No Problem!

People have gotten so accustomed to using elevators and escalators that walking up a flight of stairs almost feels like a task to them. So, why not use your 4×4 SUV instead? This is truly possible as the high ground clearance and the better approach and departure angles of these vehicles equip them with the ability to climb a flight of stairs pretty easily. One can find numerous videos of SUVs climbing a flight of stairs and descending down as well. This has not only remained limited to 4x4 SUVs alone, even some FWD SUVs such as Jeep Compass can easily climb up a flight of stairs!

Dune Bashing

This is the stuff every SUV and off-roading enthusiast’s dreams are made of. Dune bashing has been gaining a lot of popularity in the country with the Thar desert providing perfect landscapes where one can take their 4x4 SUVs for some good old dune bashing. The best part about this is that especially modified SUVs that are not road legal can also take part in dune bashing as it does not involves travelling on roads. Although due caution must be exercised while doing the same as sand can prove to be very tricky and the chances of one getting stuck are very high. It is always safe to gain some experience before unleashing the full dune bashing experience and always go to such places in groups.

Sail the Tides

Okay the subhead could be overstating the capabilities of a 4×4 SUV. However, the water evading capabilities of SUVs are well known and brand list their SUV’s water wading capability as an achievement. Several people who modify their cars for off-roading equip their modified SUVs with snorkels that further increases the water wading capacity of an SUV. This holds true the thing about SUVs that they are go-anywhere vehicles.

Lend a Hand

After all the fun, there is nothing better than the feeling of helping out a person in need. For all the low mileage, massive space they occupy and the higher cost, there is also a more ‘philanthropic’ side of the SUVs. You can always spot a nearby SUV ready to help a vehicle that has been stuck somewhere or is unable to move from a particular spot. The sheer amount of massive low-end torque that these diesel 4x4 monsters can produce is enough to even pull out trucks from tricky places. Don’t believe us? Look on the internet and you’ll find a lot of videos and photos SUVs helping out vehicles in need, or even trucks for that matter. As long as it is on the internet, it must be true. Right?

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