Five Forgotten Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha is one of the oldest two-wheeler manufacturers in the country and has been in the market since 1985. This Japanese manufacturer has earned the reputation of producing some of the most-loved and most powerful motorcycles treasured by enthusiasts in the past. Two-wheelers such as RD350, RX100, and R15 from the brand have focused on providing fun-to-ride experience to Yamaha enthusiasts. However, not all motorcycles made by the company in India shared the same success. Today, we take a look at five Yamaha motorcycles that everyone has totally forgotten.


After the success of iconic RX100, Yamaha launched RX-Z in 1997. It was a more stylish version of RX 135 with fairings and colored decals. The new RX-Z was powered by a 132-cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine that was found on RX 135 and RX-G as well. In RX-Z, this engine generated 16 bhp power at 8,500 RPM and 12 Nm peak torque at 6,500 rpm. The top speed of the motorcycle was 120 km/h and it came with a low-resonating exhaust muffler along with disc brakes on front wheel.


One the two-stroke motorcycles went out of use, Yamaha came up with YD125 to capture the four-stroke commuter market in India. The bike was powered by a 123.7-cc four-stroke engine that generated 10.85 bhp maximum power. It came with a front-wheel disc-brake but still failed to make it big in terms of sales.


Yamaha Libero came to be known as the bike with the most attractive design for that time and was aimed at young buyers looking for stylish entry-level motorcycles. The motorcycle featured trendy graphics, alloy wheels, and a bikini fairing. Libero came with a 105.6-cc four-stroke engine that generated 7.6 Bhp power and 7.8 Nm torque. The bike had a 4-speed gearbox and offered a mileage of 65 kilometer per liter.


Aimed directly at the commuter segment, the Crux challenged Bajaj CT100 in India. It came with a 105.6-cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that pumped out a maximum of 7.6 bhp power and 7.5 Nm peak torque. Yamaha claimed that Crux offers a mileage of 80 kilometers per liter top speed of 93 kilometers per hour.

Crux R

After Crux, Yamaha came out with Crux R. It was a slightly premium variant of Crux. The major changes included a headlamp fairing and stylish body graphics. Since Crux did quite well in terms of sales, Yamaha launched this motorcycle to cash-in on the success with a more stylish variant in the form of Crux R. Hence, there was no change in specifications and Crux R also came with same 105.6-cc engine that powered the regular Crux.

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