EVRE and Zyngo join hands to power 10,000 EVs with 5000 EV chargers

India’s leading EV Charging Infrastructure brand - EVRE has joined hands with Zyngo to power 10,000 EVs with 5000 EV chargers. Under this association, EVRE will offer 5000 EV charging stations across the country within the next two years. This will further be utilized by Zyngo and other EV fleet owners. This partnership will basically help the EV fleet operators as they will be able to manage their core function operations while EVRE manages the fleet with efficient and contagious infrastructure. 

Talking about Zyngo, it is India’s greenest last-mile delivery provider for parking and charging infrastructure solutions. The brand operates an existing 500+ strong fleet across 10 cities. However, it is working hard enough to achieve a whopping 10,000 strong EV fleet. 

“We are driving ahead with the electrification of hyperlocal delivery services across the E-commerce spectrum. This initiative requires such collaborations to enable the empanelment of the EV ecosystem in the Last mile delivery space. EVRE’s tech advanced charging infra combined with Zyngo’s fully competent and advanced Logistics tech platform & fleet management will strive the EV ecosystem and enable faster adoption,” as commented by Prateek Rao, Founder & CEO, Zyngo.

EVRE owns and operates the technology for charging stations - both existing and upcoming. Having said this, the company will design, manufacture and execute the operation and maintenance of the EV charging infrastructure. Meanwhile, Zyngo will integrate demand aggregation, supply optimization, and connectivity to these charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the brand will help EVRE to determine the location to install the charging stations.

“We aim to increase new business value through co-creation with services and businesses, such as the advancement of Computer Vision technology.  Through such partnerships, we are looking towards developing an integrated ecosystem for EV fleet owners as well as EV users across the country.  Zyngo, with its unique proposition, is an apt partner as both the organizations will mutually benefit from the cross-utilization of resources in the EV ecosystem,” as commented by Krishna K Jasti, Co-Founder and CEO of EVRE.

During the first phase of this partnership, EVRE is going to support Zyngo with 500 charging stations for its EV fleet of 500 EVs. Thus EVRE will be leasing the land, providing the parking & charging infrastructure, operating & maintaining, and taking care of the insurance, safety & security of these hubs. The 5000 chargers will be integrated with the rest of the EV ecosystem across India via the EVRE app. 

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