The Indian Government is soon going to adopt the MicroDot technology for all vehicles in country to tackle menace of increasing car thefts.

The days of car thieving are over, or so a new ToI report claims. The growing problem of car theft in India is a thing of major concern among the owners. Gadget after gadget and one safety precaution after the other, but the car thieves always seem to find a way around it. The worst part about the entire thing is that the success rate of getting a hold of car thieves is also not promising. It is so because most of thieves often take the route of dismantling the car and selling it for parts, hence staying safe. Now coming back to the claim of car theft being resolved finally. The aforementioned report states that Government of India is soon going to adopt the MicroDot technology for all vehicles in India. What this technology actually does is that it sprays thousands of etchings of a unique number and vehicle identification number (VIN) all over the car’s body, as well as the engine. This MicroDot technology then makes the lives of car thieves tougher as the crooks cannot make the car vanish by dismantling it for parts.

Reports state that the highest automobile technical standard making body of India, CMVR-TSC has already finalized this move and has laid down the standards for this technology about a month ago. As for the usage by automakers, only the notification part of the entire is left, and once that is completed, the companies can begin using this technology in their models.

Talking about the MicroDot technology, the spraying of these particles are done all over the car’s body. So even when the car is disassembled for parts, each part will still contain the MicroDots sprayed on them, hence even after dismantling the car, anonymity of parts is not guaranteed as they remain traceable. Also it is not that the thieves can get away by removing the MicroDots as they are sprayed at numerous places and also they are not visible to the naked eye. These MicroDots can only be seen under ultraviolet light. The extreme difficulty bordering on near impossibility to remove these markings make them an excellent safety measure for prevention of car thefts.

MicroDots themselves are small nanometer sized metal particles that represent the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the cars. As far as their adoption in India is concerned, automakers will have to inculcate 10 alpha-numeric characters in their MicroDots. Their life is supposed to be around 15 years, which is longer than the average ownership duration in India.

The government will assess the demand of the MicroDot technology and will then take into consideration as to making this new technology a standard norm for all manufactured cars in the country. As of now, it remains to be seen how the market reacts to the technology. 

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