Electric Leaf Open Car roadster revealed

  • Published By: Droom
  • 4 June 2018

To celebrate one-lakh roadsters sold in Japan, the company showed a Leaf without a roof.

A Nissan Leaf roadster concept was shown to mark the sale of one lakh units in Japan. The vehicle is called the Nissan Leaf Open Car.

It also adopts a four-seat layout but with a large rear seat, the regular car has a five-seat layout. There won’t be any changes to the motor, which will continue to be an AC synchronous electric motor fed by a 40kWh battery pack. The Leaf's regular features, including Propilot semi-autonomous driving and Propilot Park automatic parking will be available on this car as well.

Nissan showed the car at a Tokyo forum attended by Nissan executives and government officials, which focusses on creating a “zero-emissions society”.

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