Drive Safer During Monsoon; Here are 5 Tips

The monsoon season is already here and although all parts of India may not be facing rainfall as of now, the rainy season will soon be upon us. The rains though will bring long-awaited respite from the heat of the summers; it will also mean that the roads in many major cities of India will face water logging. This means a tough time for road users as the waterlogged roads of the cities often lead to the motor users facing a tough time on the roads. Therefore, we have collected a few nifty tricks that will help you negotiate the monsoon of India without having to worry about your ride getting damaged due to the rains.  

No Unknown Roads

If you are travelling on an unknown road and the road happens to be waterlogged, the best option in the scenario is to avoid the road and take a different route. Alternatively, one can also follow other vehicles if they are crossing the waterlogged areas safely, but if there are no vehicles present around the road, the best option will be to avoid it.

Following Cars

We talked in the first point about checking if other vehicles are able to cross the waterlogged road in front of you safely. However, what is to be kept in mind is to not tailgate the vehicle in front of you. The small waves created by the vehicle in front of you can often cause splash back and the road water that would otherwise have not harmed your vehicle can now reach those parts of your vehicle that may end up with water damage.

Avoid Splashing

It is always a fun experience splashing the water as you drive by at a relatively fast speed. However, this can quickly turn dangerous on the roads with water as often one does not know the state of the roads at every corner. Removed manhole covers, or even larger bumps in the road can lead to an wanted damage in the car or even water damage via the air-intake as at higher speeds cars suck in a lot of air for combustion and even a small amount of water near the air-intake can damage the car in a major manner. 

Engine Cranking

This is a rookie mistake drivers often tend to make. Sometimes, while wading through waterlogged roads, the engine tends to stall in the middle because of the small amount of water that enters the vehicle. In this scenario what most people try to do is to start the engine once again to get out of the waterlogged area. However, this should be avoided at all costs because once you try to restart the engine, the water can also enter the combustion chamber, which can cause permanent damage to your car and lead to a lot of expenses.

Smooth Driving

Somehow if one has been forced to take a waterlogged route during their commute, the best thing to do is to drive in a smooth manner and avoid sudden braking because while sudden braking, the splash back can lead to the water on the road enter the vehicle’s exhaust. This can prove disastrous for the vehicle as the water from exhaust can travel to the combustion chamber of the vehicle, again causing permanent damage to the car.   

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