List of discounts on BMW and Mercedes models in May.

The German companies BMW and Mercedes-Benz hold a special place not only in the Indian car market but the hearts of the Indian public too. Famed for their premium nature, the cars from the stables of these companies are also a status symbol in India. No wonder then, owning a car from either of these companies is a lifelong dream for many Indians. However, it is the high price that not only helps these cars maintain their relatively exclusive status in the market, but also keeps them out of the reach of many a car fans in the country.

However, what if we tell you that these cars are going for a whole lot less than their sticker price because of the major discounts that the two makers are offering on them? This surely would be a tempting offer for many in the market, especially for the people who were already preparing to buy a car in the range of Rs. 30-35 lakhs as the discount on the BMW and Mercedes models will bring their price around that mark. For your information, the Rs. 30-35 lakhs segment is dominated by the sales of full-size SUVs in India. Among the popular choices in this segment are Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour, but now these models from the German makers have also come down to the vicinity of this price range due to the solid discounts being offered on these models. Let’s take a look at the discounts being offered on the cars from the German stable this month.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class – Total discount upto Rs. 6.25 lakhs. Discounts include: German maker currently offering huge discount of Rs. 6.25 lakhs on their entry level hatchback in the Indian market. The huge discount brings the starting price of the car to the range of 22 lakhs, which is a lot less than the actual price. However, discounts are applicable only on 2017 and 2016 models.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class – Total discount upto Rs. 6.25 lakhs. Discounts include: Similar to the A-Class models, the crossover B-Class is available with a discount of Rs. 6.25 lakhs on 2016 and 2017 models. The effective starting price of the car after discounts drops down to the range of Rs. 24 lakhs, which makes for a very good deal.  

Mercedes-Benz CLA – Total discount upto Rs. 4.25 lakhs. Discounts include: A huge discount of Rs. 4.25 lakhs on 2018 make year models of cars and Rs. 3.25 lakhs discount on 2019 make year models of sedan. With the discount, the entry level model’s price comes down to the range of 29 lakhs.  

Mercedes-Benz GLA – Total discount upto Rs. 6.10 lakhs. Discounts include: The huge discount of Rs. 6.10 lakhs on the crossover SUV brings down its price to the starting range of Rs. 27 lakhs!

BMW X1 – Total discount upto Rs. 6.70 lakh. Discounts include: The entry level SUV from the brand is up for sale with discounts worth Rs. 6.70 lakhs. This discount is for 2018 models only as the 2019 models comes with a discount of up to Rs 4.45 lakh.

BMW 3-Series – Total discount upto Rs. 12.30 lakhs. Discounts include: 2018 make year models of the sedan are on sale with discounts up to Rs. 12.30 lakhs, while the 2019 models are being offered with a discount of Rs. 9.8 lakhs. With the discount applied on the base model of the sedan, the price comes down to around Rs. 27 lakhs, thus making this an amazing deal for prospective customers.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Total discount upto Rs. 7.15 lakhs. Discounts include: 2018 make year model of sedan being offered with discount of Rs. 7.15 lakhs on C 220d facelift and Rs. 5.75 lakh on the C 200 facelift trims. While the 2019 make year models are being sold with discount of Rs 4.65 lakhs on C 220d model and Rs 3.75 lakhs on C 200 models.

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